Our Mission

The mission of "Bread for Life..." A Gleaning Ministry is to fulfill Corparal Works of Mercy.

Feed the hungry ,

Give drink to the thristy.....(Matthew 25:34-40)

In a systematic manner with full knowledge and understanding that doing such works are considered part of the minimum requirements for Christian discipleship.



Eligibility Criteria

  • Age 62

Programs are capped. Eligibility will be determined  by the Director on space availability and other specific criteria.

"Bread for Life...." serves only New Hanover County.

Welcome to "Bread for Life..." Ministry!


Aging in Place 

Research indicates that an overwhelmng number of seniors, including 87% of disabled seniors, want to receive their long-term care services (funded by Medicaid/Medicare) "in place", meaning in their own home or other independent living arrangements as opposed to assisted living or nursing facilities.  For these individuals, "Bread for Life...." strives to bring the marketplace to them by providing an easily accessible senior-friendly venue where seniors or designated helpers can pick up and home deliver program products as needed. OR...Ministry participants are welcome to pick up their own food and sundry items with the help of warm hearted and well-trained volunteers who provide positive social interaction and hospitality.


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